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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hazy Moon At Night


The air has been very damp during the evenings and nights . I popped outside yesterday evening and saw the haze in front of the moon so ya know I had to try to capture it ! Night time photos are hard enough to get but when there is a thick haze of fog in the air it makes for quite the challenge , well I am pretty well up for a  photo challenge ! It was hard to focus on just the moon because of the haze so I decided to get the tree in front for my camera to have more of a solid darker subject to focus on with the hazy moon in the background ! I used my flash on a softer setting !

Foggy Moon (1 of 1)

With a bit of tweaking and layering  to my photos I reached a happy medium where I liked the look of them . They look eerie I like that !

Foggy Moon (1 of 1)-2

Photos Taken By : Elaine

1 comment: said...

I like them very much but to me they dont look like you say Eerie.

They look lovely.