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I have taken this blog over lol I have gone under my own photography name and water mark as  Lillian Wood Photography  I am retired and get more time for photography then Ken does
 We are blessed to live in a wonderful  valley with forest all around a river running through it and so much nature to enjoy each and every season !
Ken and I are aspiring amature photographers learning as we go and have enjoyed photography as a hobby for many years long before digital. Ken also enjoys Astro photography, photos of the night skies. To capture the beauty of nature the humor, history and life around us is amazing. We enjoy going out and taking photos together on the weekends and can both spend hours doing nothing else . There is nothing like getting lost with in the beauty and amazement of nature . We have created this blog to share with all of you our photos , memories and some of the adventures we have taking them or just to share with you  our side of the pond and woods  !

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