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Friday, November 30, 2012

Cold November Moon

Cold Moon (1 of 1)-2

I love the moon and how it looks with clouds around it and how it  glows in and on the clouds revealing their shape and form  ! Up to the top left of the moon is Jupiter . Jupiter stands above the Moon on the 1st, rises soon after nightfall, remains out all night, and reaches its maximum brightness of the year by month’s end. 

Photo Taken By : Elaine

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Misty , Our Sunshine


Our Misty just love’s being outside during the day no matter what the weather .  She love’s to play and chase squirrels . She also love’s the camera and is my best photo subject always has been . I must have thousands of photos of her . The funny thing is if I have my camera and am photographing other things she will literally start to grumble at me and try to get me to take her photo !


                                                Misty is truly quite the character .



                            One of her favourite spots to watch over the yard !


                                                      Always treeing the squirrels .


                                                                  Playing and having fun !


                                         Going for walks is always an adventure with Misty !


                                                                  Did you say   CHEESE mum ?


                                          Misty love’s to be with her sister Harley !


                                                         To give and get kisses !


                                            To do things for mummy when the occasion arises !

Miggs & Elaine (1 of 1)

                                                                  And to be our best friend !

Country Cove Garden (1 of 1)-6

                                 Misty aka  Miggy !

Monday, November 26, 2012

First Snow This Season


I just love the first snow fall . The temps are mild and the snow  fell gently . All is quiet as the snow blankets the land  in a fresh white wonder  .


                         The birds slowly one by one pop out for some food !



The Blue jays frantically gobble up the seed and peanuts before any one else gets it .


I love the first snow falls . Everything is so tranquil and pretty !


Our Misty who just loves the snow . She was waiting for me to come and play . Mum put the camera down please and lets play fetch !  So we did !

Photos Taken By : Elaine

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Miggs & My Daily Walk


This is where my Miggs and I like take our walks . It is seconds from our house . I never get board of this walk as there is always something new to see or hear  as the land changes throughout the seasons .



                                           Miggs my walking & photo comrade !


       This morning it was sunny with a bit of fog  and frost  the air was crisp clear and fresh !


    Deer have been spotted here early in the morning , I am yet to photograph them ! Miggs is hot on their trail sniffing the ground like crazy !



                            It is soo peaceful here yet wonderfully noisy with nature .


                 Back in the forest there is a river that runs around our village !


                                 This is part of that river behind our park !


                                      This is at our village park that backs on to the river !


                                                                          Swing  anyone ?


      Morning sun rays , fog and frost  in our park ! I could hear the frost melting and dripping off of the trees  as it plunked  into the river !


       Melting frost gleaming in the morning sun  as the fog drifts past in the background !

Photos Taken By : Elaine

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hazy Moon At Night


The air has been very damp during the evenings and nights . I popped outside yesterday evening and saw the haze in front of the moon so ya know I had to try to capture it ! Night time photos are hard enough to get but when there is a thick haze of fog in the air it makes for quite the challenge , well I am pretty well up for a  photo challenge ! It was hard to focus on just the moon because of the haze so I decided to get the tree in front for my camera to have more of a solid darker subject to focus on with the hazy moon in the background ! I used my flash on a softer setting !

Foggy Moon (1 of 1)

With a bit of tweaking and layering  to my photos I reached a happy medium where I liked the look of them . They look eerie I like that !

Foggy Moon (1 of 1)-2

Photos Taken By : Elaine

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Macro Frost Photos


I just love the way it looks and sparkles or twinkles in the sun light the way it forms to everything and each frost is different !



                                                     The sun was just starting to rise !


                                             Everything had frost crystals on it !



There was a haze  above the land as the moister of the frost was slowly evaporating into the air and the sun was slowly rising and getting stronger !



                   Photos Taken By : Elaine 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Frosty Friday Morning


I just had to get out and take photos of the heavier frost we got last night ! It was soo nice out , the sun was rising , I had to get out in the field and take  photos !


With this photo I took it through a small hole in the branches of the Cedars out to wards the field to give it a blurred  frame  just did it all by camera . I still haven’t been able to truly use all my camera settings as of yet there is so much to it !


                                                                         Sparkling in the sun rise !


      I just love the way frost forms on everything ! I would love to do time laps photos and see how frost forms !


                                          I think  frost is fascinating  ! One of natures mysteries !


                                              A field full of frost as the sun rises over it !


As the sun hits one small area of frost it sparkles and luminates the colours of the sun with in it !




I could stay out there for hours taking frost photos but as the sun rises higher so does it’s strength and so melts all the pretty frost crystals ! In tern giving the plants a drink from the waters of the melted frost !            

                                                         Nature don't you just love it ?


 Photos Taken By Elaine                                                    

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Bit Of This & That


It has been quiet around here , not much going on even though the weather has been sunny and quite pleasant ! I have been busy but managed to get out and take some photos from our back yard today !


These little Chickadees are always so busy . This little guy was hiding from me today !


                                                                 Meeting of the bird brains !


          Just when ya think you have a clear shot he moves and a branch gets in the way !


       We have a few of these Downey woodpeckers around , they are funny to watch !


Indoors I have two Christmas Cactus in full bloom ! This is a smaller younger plant !


This Christmas Cactus plant is my older one and blooms beautifully twice a year !


                                My buddy, our girl ,  Miggy who loves to sleep on the swing outside  !

   I would like to welcome our new followers and thank you all for  following our K&E Photography blog  !

Photos Taken By Elaine