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Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Bit Of This & That


It has been quiet around here , not much going on even though the weather has been sunny and quite pleasant ! I have been busy but managed to get out and take some photos from our back yard today !


These little Chickadees are always so busy . This little guy was hiding from me today !


                                                                 Meeting of the bird brains !


          Just when ya think you have a clear shot he moves and a branch gets in the way !


       We have a few of these Downey woodpeckers around , they are funny to watch !


Indoors I have two Christmas Cactus in full bloom ! This is a smaller younger plant !


This Christmas Cactus plant is my older one and blooms beautifully twice a year !


                                My buddy, our girl ,  Miggy who loves to sleep on the swing outside  !

   I would like to welcome our new followers and thank you all for  following our K&E Photography blog  !

Photos Taken By Elaine


Rambling Woods said...

Beautiful photos..hummers are gutsy birds..I have been putting peanuts out and the jays are all over them. Such smart birds..Michelle said...

Miggy looks like a sweet dog.
Love her colours.

I am new On here to look at all your pictures.