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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Our village is in a valley with lots of forests around and wildlife. It is a very spacious village and lots of friendly folk  !   These photos show how pretty and spacious it  really is !
This is from our driveway looking up our street !
This is the field beside our house !  It's for sale. We wanted to buy at least two lots of it beside us but a no go!
The top of the road of the street beside us ! see that beige dome type building , that's our property , hubbies sky shed  for his observing the night skies !
  the colors a soo pretty!DSC_0011

Vienna community centre !
Looking down to main street !
Main street and off side road !
  leading down to our local   Village Variety store  and gas station !
  Our Local Variety store and gas station , this is also were we pick up our mail. It may look small from the out side but it goes back far and they carry just about everything.  The ladies that run it and own it are wonderful people ! Our village is very pretty,all the folks are so friendly and kind . The village is wide spread  with land, so much land that I couldn't show all the photos of just how much land there is with in our village. I hope that some of these photos give you an idea of just how much land our village has and how pretty it is !
                              Part 3 later !   


grammie g said...

Hi Ken and Elaine... I'm loving it....I come from a small town in Northern Maine, probably 10 minutes from the Canadian border that enters into New Brunswick!!
Your town is great and friendly looking...enjoyed and watching for part 3!!
You have a great day!!

Lisa said...

You live in a very very beautiful area. The trees look stunning with all the fall colors also. I can just picture this in winter how wonderful it will look also. It looks alot like that around here but more north of where I am. Im on flat land except when I travel to the Mountains a few times a year and we do have tree lines that I like to capture in the winter months. Soon the snow will fly and the I again will morn another passing season. Fall in my fav with the colors. Thanks for your continued visits.
Have a great night

Far Side of Fifty said...

Now I am really interested in that dome..Ken must have a telescope in there..marvelous. I love the night is awesome!
You town is lovely..and Fall has come to your area..I enjoyed your photos! :)

Ken and Elaine said...

Yup that dome has three telescopes in it, we have 4 telescopes in total ! Hubby also enjoys Astro photography, I will post some of his photos of the night skies soon ! just for you Far Side of Fifty, Thanx for your wonderful comments!

Heritage Farm Museum said...

what a peaceful and lovely village! love your photos and the colors are really wonderful!

Rob said...

Yur picturs are lovely and I've enjoyed looking at your village and hope you will show some more of it through the seasons. I know just what you mean about the little shop that sells everything. We have several places around here that sell garden supplies but it seems that the smallest place is the one that sells it all. From the outside you would think they didn't have half the stuff you wanted yet you always seem to leave with everything you went for which is more than can be said for the large garden centres.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine and Ken..I also am from Vienna and have enjoyed your pictures. The pic of the building that you call the Village Legion was once a Catholic Church and is now the Masonic Hall. Whereabouts do you live in Vienna. Think you said your place was once a school house so just curious as I am unaware of another school house in Vienna. Do you have a facebook page? There are two pages out there about Vienna (have forgotten what the actual titles are) There is much history here in Vienna. The original Main Street is now Edison St. or Ave or whatever, it is the street that runs past St. Luke's. I have a friend that grew up in Vienna and is very interested in contacting you. Her father is still there. Thanks Diane