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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Autostacked Image

M81 M82


                              These photos Ken took with his camera mounted on his telescope. We both enjoy Astronomy ! We have a total of 4 telescopes and he has his sky shed  that he has all the equipment set up in. These photos are of stars and galaxies , They all have names ! 

country cove 8 (11)

                              The roof moves depending on were you want to view the skies !

country cove 8 (12)

     Hi  Ken !   In your house again I see lol !!!!  He even has a special filter for the scope so he can view the sun spots on the sun  and photograph them !   That is called Astro Photography  when you photograph the stars,planets and galaxies !


                                    There is a whole new world out there ! Next time you look up at the night skies on a clear night try looking at it through binoculars, you will be amazed at the millions of  stars you can see  with them !

                                   Have a great day !  Or better, Have a great night sky !  And wish upon a star!


grammie g said...

Hi Elaine and Ken...that's quite the space ship you guys have there!! lol Does that thing fly!!
What a fascination hobby that is ...I love the night sky it just sweeps you of to another place of intrigue!
I guess I will have to put a telescope on my Christmas wish list to Santa along with the new cell phone, printer and new camera. lol
The Moon last week was just gorgeous!!
If I wasn't alone I would have strike out for a walk could see everything!!

Those photos are just gorgeous Ken!! I learned something new today Astro photography!!
Watch out for little Green Men and have a great week!!

The Retired One said...


Mama-Bug said...

That's a fascinating hobby ken; the night sky is a work of beauty.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am totally jealous. I love the night sky..I try my best to follow a local blogger called Astro Bob, he is a photographer for the Duluth Newspaper. I have learned so much from him. I have a grandson who is very interested..and we have watched for the Space Station together and he is able to find a few of the Constellations by himself. WE have so many trees here. I usually go to the local cemetery for an unobstructed view of the night sky. I have a Gallioscope but I have never used it..however I am pretty good with the binoculars. It is a wonderful hobby..and Ken you have a wonderful area of photography to explore! My Hat is off to you! :)

West Side of Straight said...

Wow, what awesome pictures. As a kid, we'd lay out in the yard many a night finding the different constellations and watch the Northern Lights flicker and move. Need to do that again! Show us more!