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Monday, August 26, 2013

A Day At The Club


Horse club that is . Both Ken and I are members of Evergreen Meadows Saddle Club as their photographers !

During the summer months the club holds a day of events every last Sunday of the month ! Good  Folk  , food , and fun !   YEEHAW !!!


Saddle club (68 of 258)

Yup this horses name really is Trigger !

Saddle club (10 of 258)

Trust your horse and they will trust you !

Saddle club (110 of 258)

Easy there nice tight turn  keep that barrel up !

Saddle club (32 of 258)

Heading for the home stretch !

Saddle club (257 of 258)

Some riders and horse dressed up for an event !

Saddle club (256 of 258) 

                                          All done for the day just taking it easy and watching !


Photos Taken By :  Elaine

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Rambling Woods said...

Lovely photos