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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Playing In The Sun


Yesterday was a lovely sunny day calm winds and brilliant blue  clear sky's not a cloud in sight all day ! The temp was fresh and crisp !



                                                          Our Miggs just love’s the snow !

                       She was busy sniffing out a squirrel so I took some birdie photos !

winter scene (1 of 1)-21

       We have our own bird sanctuary here all year round a total of 12 or more breeds visit our feeders all at the same time , some are skittish and some like this little guy just likes to strike a pose ! I have photos of all the breeds that visit here !

winter scene (1 of 1)-19

                       House Sparrow soaking up the warmth of the sun in the hedges !

winter scene (1 of 1)-24

                                          Junco taking a break in between feedings !

winter scene (1 of 1)-18

         Mr Blue jay waiting for me to leave so he can dive in the bowl of peanuts !

winter scene (1 of 1)-17

                          And of course Mr Squirrel that Miggs finally found and treed !

                                                    Thanks For Popping By !

Photos Taken By : Elaine

1 comment:

Crafty Gardener said...

Miggs will have lots of snow over the next couple of days with the big system heading out way. I never tire of seeing bird photos.