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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Want To Walk With Us ?


The weather was beautiful today . Sunny and warm with cool breezes . Miggy and I take this walk almost every day weather permitting . So I decided to take my camera with us !


                                                            Come on mum lets go !!!


This is from the road that is beside our house . Some trees have changed and some haven’t but it all looks so pretty any ways !


The streets are lined with trees . Our Village is very spacious lots of people have quite a bit of land considering how many live here . I think the last count was  600 people !


If you look in the back there is a Wind mill they are very popular here as there are hundreds around the area !

     Not only that we also have farms amongst our village ! So a lot of Rooters crowing ,Geese honking and horses whinnying ! I love it !!!!!


We have lots of Mexican Mennonite's that live here in our village as well ! Lovely folk they are !


Miggy has to stop here every time we are on our walk just in case there is a Squirrel up in the trees !


                         In a week or so these trees will be full of vibrant orange and reds !


                                               I love the little old barns in the village !


           This is the end of our street that connects  to the main road through our village !


There are a lot of old abandon buildings on our main street village but some are being sold and hopefully refurbished into shops again ! Down around that corner is the local  general store with gas station and on the right of this building is our Building centre !


Up the from main street we saw the two lovely lady’s and their pooches that Miggy always stops   to say hello to during our walk we always end up meeting up  !


Miggy and I love to go to the little park we have here just off of the main road through town .


We have a lovely river and forest that runs around and through our village !


Pathway's to the banks of the river  where in peak fishing you will find people quietly sitting with rods ready waiting to for a catch . Good fishing is in this river !


You will find it pretty misty over the river now as the forest holds a lot of moisture from the river !


                      I was a little on tilt as Miggy was pulling me to try to chase a Squirrel .


Miggy and I often stop here , sit for a bit and take in the beauty and sounds of nature !


                                   I took more photos then I thought !

               Part two will be tomorrow and we can continue the walk with Miggy and I !

Photos Taken By Elaine !

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