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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beautiful Fall Weather


It has been fantastic weather with sun , warm air , temps of 22ºC  or  71ºF with fresh cool breezes . I have never known this late in Oct to ever be this lovely .  We still have some summer birds hanging around and some winter birds have returned !


Not only does the Robin feed on worms but when they aren't available they feed on our blossom trees berries ! He should be on his long trip by now !


                                                            Our winter Junco’s have returned !


As has our Downy Woodpecker who loves to play hide and seek with me in the tree !


                                    Our Nuthatch stays with us all year round !


                                   Most of the trees have changed and lost all their leaves now !


Our Miggy enjoying a nap on Ken’s work shop porch in the warm sunny weather we have been having !


                                                             Most of the trees in valley are bare now !


                                                 Just a few remain with colour !


                                    A cascade of colour amongst the bare trees !


                              Turkey Vultures up top of the trees at the very top of the valley !

Photos Taken By Elaine

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