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Monday, May 11, 2015

In & Around Our Yard


                        We discovered a few new feathered friends in our birch tree .

MAY 2015 (37 of 39)  One of the 4 American Red Starts we have here this year . This is the first time these birds have ever been here since we have been here !

MAY 2015 (31 of 39)

                   A  Yellow Warbler these birds like to eat the cat tail seeds from our birch tree !

MAY 2015 (4 of 23)

                          Our little house Wren is back again this year and scoping out the houses !

MAY 2015 (7 of 39)

                   The noisy Cat bird sits in our big maple tree and sounds like he is meowing !

MAY 2015 (9 of 39)

                 One of our 6  male Baltimore Orioles checking out an old nest  up  above !

MAY 2015 (11 of 39)

          Eastern King bird taking a break on a fallen tree in the field beside us after chasing  and catching bugs in the sky !

MAY 2015 (15 of 39)

                                             Mrs  Baltimore Oriole checking out the feeder !

MAY 2015 (19 of 23)

                                One of our Red Bellied woodpeckers waiting for room at  the feeder .

MAY 2015 (17 of 39)

                   One of our many types of  Sparrows we have  . The little White Crowned Sparrow .

  These are just a few of our birdies that visit our yard every day .We now have a total of 30 different breeds that visit our yard each day  this time of year  be it at the feeders or in our trees  , hedges  and the field beside us .

                                                Photos Taken By : Elaine


Linda said...

I saw a few of these myself at the cottage...
Have a great week...
Linda :o)

Jennifer Sartell said...

Beautiful website! Thank you for sharing your link on the Iron Oak Farm Facebook page. I will be spending some time looking through all your beautiful nature photography. :)

eileeninmd said...

Gorgeous collection of birds and photos. Well done!

William Kendall said...

You really get such a variety nearby.