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Monday, September 29, 2014

Hawk Cliff


A beautiful place where birds stop on their long journey from their migration  and Monarchs have been spotted there in droves !.  Website  and info for the nature lover .

                                                                                  Hawk Cliff .


Ken and I try to go every fall  as it is only a half hour drive and each time we are amazed and in awe of the sights  and sounds  of this beautiful place . We went yesterday early morning and spent the morning gazing and taking photos !!

SEPTEMBER 2014 (39 of 51)

Down this lovely country road is the end and the beginning of Hawk Cliff off the north shores of lake Erie .

SEPTEMBER 2014 (6 of 51)

  We were standing high up on the cliffs , the scenery is spectacular looking out over lake Erie !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (9 of 51)

SEPTEMBER 2014 (31 of 51)

                                Water  and cliffs to the left of us and farmers fields to the right !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (4 of 51)

SEPTEMBER 2014 (12 of 51)


SEPTEMBER 2014 (37 of 51)

           Lots of holes in this cliff that housed  lots of Cliff Swallows  that have now moved on !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (21 of 51)

Hawks , Falcons  , bald Eagles and Golden Eagles are a delight to see here . Bird watchers and nature photographers  from all over come here every year !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (51 of 51)

                            This bald Eagle was way out  and up high watching all of us lol !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (38 of 51)

Lots of wild purple asters and golden rod  in the fields and at the edges of the cliffs where lots of butterfly’s and bees gather . The weather was perfect , sunny with cool breezes ! This year I didn’t see as many Monarch's there  as last year !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (5 of 51)

But the sights and sounds were still wonderful of the nature that was there and the sounds of the water gently slapping  and swishing on the  shore !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (13 of 51)

SEPTEMBER 2014 (29 of 51)

                                                        Ken and our Misty enjoying the sights !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (28 of 51)

                                 It is a lovely hike around Hawk cliff  so much to see and hear !!

SEPTEMBER 2014 (2 of 51)

                                                                              Long way down !!

SEPTEMBER 2014 (23 of 51)

                 The air was hazy over parts of  the lake but all in all it was a lovely morning and beautiful weather and as usual we enjoyed every minuet of it  ! !


                                                        Photos Taken By : Elaine


Anonymous said...

such gorgeous scenery, I could sit there all day, or at least till the camera batteries run out :)

William Kendall said...

What a pretty place!