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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring Is In The Air


    At least that's what the nature is telling us here ! Cardinal is singing his mating song, Robins are about , squirrels are chasing each other  , regardless of what the weather people say  animals be they wild  , farm animals  or pets know spring is just around the corner !


                               Ken took these photos over the weekend ! Squirrels are frisky !


          Even the birds are frisky and chasing each other around zooming from feeder to feeder !

MARCH 2014 (48 of 53)

                       I took these photos of the birds as they are so active felling this signs of spring !

MARCH 2014 (2 of 16)

MARCH 2014 (3 of 16)

MARCH 2014 (10 of 16)

MARCH 2014 (47 of 53)

MARCH 2014 (10 of 11)

       Last night there was a sliver of a moon  I couldn’t resist getting a photo  even the moon phases co inside with spring on the way .

MARCH 2014 (39 of 53)

                                       The sun shines more and the sky’s are deep blue ! I love trees !

                February 2014 (4 of 8)-3

         I saw  flocks of birds gather to feed , be it the Starlings  or the Canadian geese taking their spring flight path to their feeding grounds by the river and field  !

February 2014 (39 of 48)

                                          All in all nature tells the story of spring in the air !

                       Photos Taken By :  K & E


Primitive Stars said...

Always enjoy visiting your blog with great pictures, love them, Francine.

William Kendall said...

Terrific shots!

Spring seems a long, long way off.