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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More Signs Of Spring


                              Are becoming more and more prominent !

MARCH 2014 (13 of 20)

                             Sun rises in the east  , warms up the days temps and heats the earth !

MARCH 2014 (18 of 20)

                                                                Whilst the moon sets in the west !

MARCH 2014 (6 of 26)

       Robins sing and chirp their songs  and chase each other around for territory and a mate !

MARCH 2014 (23 of 26)

                                                Grackles squawk as they take over the feeders !

MARCH 2014 (2 of 20)

                      Flocks of Starlings gather on the grass patches as the snow melts !

MARCH 2014 (6 of 19)

                                                               Gold finch  gather at their feeders !

MARCH 2014 (15 of 47)

                                                             Fly’s and other bugs are waking up !


                                                  Redwing black birds have returned as well !


                                         Buds on trees and bushes are beginning to form !


                                          The rains will be falling to help all come to bloom !


                 Spring is on it’s way and now half way here , rains are falling , buds are forming and all the birds of spring have returned ! Now we wait for the flowers !

                Photos Taken By :  Elaine

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William Kendall said...

Gorgeous shots!