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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Northern Flicker


It’s rare to see these little guys as they stay deep with in the wooded areas that surround our area but you can always hear their call echo through out and on the odd occasion they  will have a feast off  of our lawn after it has been cut because it some what disturbs the bugs beneath  and makes it for easier pickins . They are very skittish birds . These birds live on small ants and bugs . They burrow their beaks in the grass and their long sticky tongue collects their meal they also eat like this from behind the bark of  the trees , they find a hole in the bark stick their beak in and use their long tongue to gather the bugs !


They also move very fast as they are eating constantly on the move !


Photos Taken By Elaine


West Side of Straight said...

Hi Elaine - I haven't written for a long time, Your Pictures are fab! Love them all, and you are ahead of us in spring. Really nice and green there and green! It's starting here, and buds coming too. Love all your pics. Happy Easter to you and Ken ~ jo

Anonymous said...

I got a nice shot of them here last summer. They came, ate a colony of ants and left. You got some nice photos too.