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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Few Critter’s Of The Cove



I tried to photograph Mrs. Robin in her nest but she wouldn’t have it . So as she was telling me off I was able to get photos of her anyways !


Her nest is in our Cedars at the end of our driveway !


                                            Chippy with full cheeks !


                                Mr. Dove watching me !


                   Mr & Mrs Dove  out for a stroll !


           The Baltimore Oriole is back and strangely enough he seems to prefer the small peanuts to his own feeder of nectar !


He was keeping an eye on me the entire time as I was photographing him !

Photos Taken By Elaine

1 comment:

Mamabug said...

I love these Elaine. That little chipmunk is just too cute.