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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beautiful March Morning


I couldn't believe how lovely it was out this morning ! The sun was rising the birds were singing and chattering the air was sweet and fresh  and I out in my jammies taking photos with no coat . This was all at 7:15 am  the temps were already at  8°C or 46°F and it is only to get warmer ! WOOOHOOO !!!  Spring has sprung for us . We are only 4 days away from day light savings , the sun will set later and later in the evenings more sunny days now I can handle that !


         The sun is still down on the horizon ! I am taking this from my front porch we are down in a valley this is a farmers field on the other side of these trees and road # 19 to get to and from our village!


                As the sun rises higher over the horizon we begin to get a beautiful display !


This Robin was singing his heart out and it echoed through out the village ! He was quite the distance  from me but I still had to snap his picture !


                                   Click on all photos to enlarge if you please !


Our Japanese Maple tree we put in last year in the front on our little hill is budding nicely . I liked the sunrise in the back ground !




   Photos Taken By Elaine                             

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