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Monday, December 7, 2015

Fog And Frost


                                It is pretty surreal to have fog and frost at the same time but this morning that is exactly what we had !

DECEMBER 2015 (6 of 26)

DECEMBER 2015 (2 of 26)

                                It was still  dusk when I was out taking these photos , a challenge of light versus some darkness for my photos !

DECEMBER 2015 (7 of 26)

                            The fog seemed to cloak the frost  and with the two temperatures from the frost and fog colliding  had  made it even more of a challenge and interesting to photograph before the warmth of the fog melted the frost !

DECEMBER 2015 (16 of 26)

DECEMBER 2015 (14 of 26)

DECEMBER 2015 (20 of 26)

DECEMBER 2015 (17 of 26)

                                                 I like the Juniper berries against the green with the odd touch of frost on them all !

DECEMBER 2015 (8 of 26)

DECEMBER 2015 (11 of 26)

The fog won as the temperature of it was warmer then the frost and  by the time the dusk had become dawn  all the frost had melted as everything became soggy and very drippy .

                                             I love to get out there and explore with my camera as I never know what nature has  to show me !

                                                                                                  PHOTOS TAKEN BY  ME :  Lillian Wood


William Kendall said...

It does seem to be an odd, but pretty combination!

Primitive Stars said...

Such pretty pictures of the touch of frost, cannot believe the warm weather we have been enjoying.Blessings Francine.

Linda said...

No frost here yet...I keep looking!
Enjoy your day..
Linda :o)