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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

During Hydro Outage


                                   Living off the grid for a while  in a wind storm ! NOVEMBER 2014 (2 of 8)

                           I got bored so I took photos lol  anything  for a photo challenge !

               These were taken hand held  1/8 of a second Fstop 4.5 ISO 200 focal length 72mm

NOVEMBER 2014 (4 of 8)

NOVEMBER 2014 (6 of 8)

                                      Hydro was off for 14 hours  but we have all we need to survive !

NOVEMBER 2014 (8 of 8)

                                                              All back to normal now !

                                                              Photos Taken By :  Elaine

1 comment:

William Kendall said...

Periodically when my parents lived up in cottage country, the power went out. It wasn't that big a problem- there was a fireplace, and one could boil water for tea on the camp stove brought out onto the porch.