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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Flowers & Butterfly’s


Our gardens are doing well this year and lots of butterfly’s are enjoying as well  as we are !

Summer 2014 front gardenPicMonkey Collage

front garden 2014PicMonkey Collage

Butterfly's summer 2014PicMonkey Collage

JULY 2014 (3 of 34)

                                   This little guy seems to prefer the Oriole nectar !

JULY 2014 (14 of 15)

JULY 2014 (24 of 33)-2

JULY 2014 (25 of 31)

                     I love  puttering in my gardens and taking photos of flowers and nature !

JULY 2014 (12 of 26)

                                         Photos Taken By :  Elaine


William Kendall said...


I like that sculpture in the last shot... looks like a rabbit trying to get up.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful series of photos. I really like the tree trunk with the vine growing up it and all the stumps in front of it.