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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Our Winter Village Valley Photo Walk


My Miggs and I love the out doors and all though the temps were a frigid  -25 °C with the sun  shining and no winds the temps quickly raised up to –15 °C by the time we got back from our photo walk .

                               January 2014 (1 of 58)

                           Sun shining from the southeast and the moon fading  in the south west .

 January 2014 (3 of 58)

                                                  My walking and photo buddy , Our Miggs .

 January 2014 (8 of 58)

                                 We have a lot of open and unoccupied  land in our village valley !

 January 2014 (9 of 58)

                                                           With lots of wild life lurking around !

 January 2014 (10 of 58)

 January 2014 (12 of 58)

         In the main part of the village  and surrounding  areas all you see and smell this time of year is wonderful wood smoke from all the woodstoves and fireplaces !

 January 2014 (14 of 58)

We have a lovely river named the Otter River  that runs around and through our village valley !

 January 2014 (21 of 58)

          This river is fairly wide and this time of year huge blocks of ice form and get jammed into the banks .

 January 2014 (15 of 58)

                                 All along the river there is a beautiful forest as is at the top of the valley !

 January 2014 (33 of 58)

              Lots of the folks  here including us have large or a good sized property and some are on the rivers bank !

 January 2014 (37 of 58)

                      I just love this little cottage  that backs on to the river ! This is a nice neighbours little cottage . We know most of the folks that live in this valley village .

                        January 2014 (38 of 58)

                                                 Lots of different pine trees here in our valley !

 January 2014 (43 of 58)

This is one of  my favourite  little old  barns just down the road from us ! I think it is over 100 years old as many of the cottages and farm houses are here in this village valley !

                     January 2014 (41 of 58)

          A good friend and neighbours  bird houses on the stump at the end of their drive way ! This is there house below !

 January 2014 (48 of 58)

 January 2014 (47 of 58)

           At the end of this road  straight ahead there is an old bridge that was built in the 1700s and is still in use today  as it goes over the river to a long dead end road ! Winter photos of that another day !

 January 2014 (49 of 58)

          A  marsh near by our farm house behind this marsh is a swampy area in the woods I love going there in the summers to take photos !

 January 2014 (51 of 58)

                                    Pine cones galore all different shapes and sizes !

 January 2014 (36 of 58)

 January 2014 (54 of 58)

                                                               With a few other things growing !

 January 2014 (56 of 58)

 January 2014 (58 of 58)

                   This is all the beauty and more of  our valley village what we see every day on our walks and this isn't the entire village either it is a very wide spread valley and village sometimes we walk the entire area it takes us over an hour and a half  to walk the main roads and longer if you walk all the streets  !

                         And from where we started our walk  from our cozy  farm house  built in 1895 !

                                                                        Home  Sweet  Home  !

         Photos Taken By : Elaine


Heidi Gonzales said...

Elaine, I love every photo in this post! Poor you and Miggs though. I cannot imagine walking around in -15 or -25 degrees. Brrr. The barn, wagon wheel, and ice block images are my favorites today.

William Kendall said...

The valley looks beautiful.

The ice blocks remind me of what I'd see from time to time on the banks of the Credit River as a child.