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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Weird & The Unusual

Have you ever just gone out and looked for all the weird & unusual things? the type of things you wouldn't take note of on a daily basis  ! Well I did just that and this is what I found .

                                                         Click on photos to enlarge if you please.


                                                     Wild mushrooms on a log !


              The last time I photographed these they were tiny little things !


                                      The inside of a mushroom is amazing up close !


             A big knot on our  130  year old Oak tree , the bark has gone from weather ware and tare and has been smoothed out !


                                          Looks almost like ghost faces in the tree !


                                   More mushrooms but wayyyy up in our big Oak tree !


Looks like it was  put there but it wasn't again a lot of weathering and a few birds pecking and making a home !


A weird looking bug , Hey buddy don't ya know its almost winter here better hurry !


                                                             Our Birch tree shedding its bark !


                                                   Awesome designs in the bark !


                                          Last but not least more weird wild mushrooms !

Photos taken by Elaine


Gone Country said...

Love the mushrooms! They are all so unique! We've had some unusual ones around the property this year.

Have a great day!

Denise said...

Your weird and unusual is all very beautiful. You are a great photographer.

Teresa said...

Beautiful selection of pictures. I love the macro of the mushroom insides.

RichH Photography said...

Great work Ken and Elaine. I love the texture of the wood in the old tree.

April's Homemaking said...

Amazing photos! I love finding interesting mushrooms on our nature walks. Your oak tree is wonderful too!